TC Tools Downloads

Hope you could enjoy these tools.

ChapterTool is made for extracting chapters from various type of file. The core part of ChapterTool has been separated as an independent library TChapter. So you can write your own frontend for any reason(

PS₁: The MKV file support is powered by MKVToolNix, you can get the program from HERE.
PS₂: The MP4 file support is powered by libmp4v2, you can download the dll from HERE.

AutoTorrentInspection is made for checking issues in such as file's naming, text file's encoding.

RPChecker is made for comparing difference between two video clip by calculating the PSNR / SSIM Value.

PS₀: For ffmpeg implementation, you can get the program from HERE.
PS₁: For VapourSynth implementation, you need to make sure Python, VapourSynth, L-SMASH-Works, mvsfunc have been installed correctly before using the RPChecker.

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